The Thing 2011 What Happened To Kate (2023)

1. What Happened To Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Kate In 2011's The Thing

  • Apr 5, 2023 · It ended with Kate, alone and crying, walking into the wind with no hope of rescue. Heisserer added another bleak detail, revealing on Twitter ( ...

  • What happened to Kate after 2011's The Thing?

2. Kate Lloyd - The Thing Wiki

  • After a timely reunion with Carter, the pair narrowly escape the resulting chain-reaction of explosions and make it back to the snowcat. With Kate unsure of ...

  • Kate Lloyd was an American palaeontologist temporarily stationed at the Thule Antarctic research station. The character acted as the main protagonist of the 2011 prequel film The Thing and was portrayed by actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. A graduate of Columbia University and a Ph.D. candidate in palaeontology, Kate Lloyd was well-known for her work studying the frozen remains of prehistoric finds. For this reason, Adam Finch, a friend of Kate's, recommended her to Dr. Sander Halvorson for a onc

3. The Thing (2011) Ending, Explained: Why Does Kate Kill [Spoiler]?

  • Mar 30, 2023 · In the attack, several of them die, and in the end, only Carter and Kate are left alive and unharmed. As the two burn the corpses, they witness ...

  • 2011’s ‘The Thing’ directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., is a sci-fi horror thriller. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton at its center, this movie is a prequel to the 1982 movie of the same name. Like its chronological successor, 2011’s ‘The Thing’ is also based on a novella called ‘Who Goes There?’ by […]

4. What Happens To Kate At The End Of The Thing? - Wiki -

  • It's actually very easy to imagine that Kate survived the ordeal. Because, it is only the next morning that the scenes of the end credits (2011)/opening scene ...

  • Close to the end of The Thing (2011), Kate Lloyd burns the snow vehicle (or did she blow it up,

5. The Thing Ending Explained: How Did Kate Survive The Madness?

  • Aug 9, 2022 · We see that the Thule is badly infected with The Thing, and the scientists are killing other scientists. As for Kate, she has driven off to the ...

  • The Thing ending has all the watchers in wraps, and thus, let us discuss it all with you guys. The film was released in 2011. It has science and fiction along

6. What happened to Kate at the end? - The Thing (2011) Discussion

  • It was on fire burning to the ground when she left. reply share. ×. Share this Reply. Share on Facebook.

  • People saying she did this, she did that, she froze to death etc.

    BUT why don't we see any of this?

    And why would she choose to freeze to death when she could return to base?

    And why choose death over life?

    Also, considering her desire to wipe the Thing out, wouldn't she have been motivated to return to base to either make sure it was dead, or to warn the outside world about it?

7. The Thing (2011) ending explained: the dog & the 1st movie - Auralcrave

  • Apr 3, 2023 · Seeing this, Kate understands that Carter is now an alien and burns it. This is the last scene of the movie before the ending credits, but then ...

  • The Thing (2011) is a perfect prequel to the 1982 movie by John Carpenter, and the dog at the ending explained how the first movie begins

8. The Thing 2011 Ending Explained, Review, Plot, Cast, and More - News

  • Apr 3, 2023 · The ending of the movie is somewhat ambiguous, leaving some questions unanswered. The surviving team members, Kate and Carter, are rescued by a ...

  • Let us explore The Thing 2011 ending explained along with the cast, trailer, and plot, and in addition, we'll explore some of the theories and questions about the movie The Thing.

9. What Happened To Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Kate In ... - Head Topics

  • Apr 5, 2023 · Related: How 2011's The Thing Fits Into The Original Movie's Timeline The Original The Thing Script Killed Kate Lloyd For context, The Thing ...

  • 2011's The Thing prequel ends on a dark note for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Kate, but the original screenplay made her fate completely clear.

10. Headscratchers / The Thing (2011) - TV Tropes

  • He put it beside him in the cabin as he was climbing in, and Kate saw his ear while he did it and realized what he was. She then grabs the flamethrower and ...

  • Not sure if this counts as a "headscratcher" per se, but since the prequel shows that at least SOME people outside Antartica are aware of Norwegians' findings, does that mean that sooner or later somebody is going to obtain an alien spaceship in …

11. The Thing (2011) Ending Explained: Unraveling The Mystery Behind ...

  • The ending of 'The Thing' (2011) is a nail-biting and intense climax that explains Kate's actions in the final scene. Her decision to kill Carter and sacrifice ...

  • The Thing (2011) Ending Explained: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Kate's Actions - Released in 2011, 'The Thing' is a sci-fi horror thriller prequel to the

12. 2011's The Thing Prequel Connects Perfectly with the John Carpenter ...

  • Apr 6, 2023 · “The last place you want to be in a storm in Antarctica is locked up with a bunch of Norwegian guys,” Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) ...

  • 2011's The Thing starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead may not be the prequel anyone asked for, but it lines up startlingly well with John Carpenter's 1982 classic.

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